365 days

a poem, a thought, a word: everyday for a year

Day 136…beginning again. 

There came a time

When moments past  

And those to come

Did overlap  

The here and now

And in between

The all around

And still unseen

They took their trek

Through foreign land

Beneath the veil

Mirror in hand 

Emerging forth

As man and wife

United time

Both day and night

A gentle touch

A solemn brow

Unlikely pair

Both well endowed 

They took their place

In hour glass

Amongst the shining bits of sand

To pass from top

And bottom fall

A dance of time

For one and all


Day 135

It feels like forever,

Or maybe not at all,

Too much time

Has passed,

And the space between widens,

So hard

To regain footing. 

To rise

From this dark place. 


Day 134

Tattered strips

Of dirty cloth

Hanging in the window

There should be curtians there

Cracked glass

Peeling paint

A house 

In shambles 


Day 133

you look my way

filling my soul

stars in your eyes

love and admiration

holding my heart in your hands

cherub smile

determined but unsteady

trying to do it all

I wait behind

ready to break your fall

you are the sweet spot

making life worth while


Day 132

I’ve fallen behind

Missed days

Thoughts not shared

No words



I didn’t mean for it to happen

It just did

And now I’m missing those days

And I’ll never get them back

Let the catch up begin

Forever behind


Day 131


With thick 




A dance

Of sorts


Red and pulsing

Ash face

Blank stare

Time stands still

The moment slips

Through open fingers

Palms outstretched

To the sky

An offering for above

A silent sacrifice

On the alter

Of the earth

The gift of life 

No more 


Day 130

I want to break free

from these restraints 

I want to rip these shackles

off the wall

to feel the fresh air

and the warmth of the sun

on my face

I’m not asking for much

but it’s everything to me

you can keep this life

I’m done with it

just give me peace

and a place to call my own

tell me which way to go 

and I’ll get there myself

I’ll find a way

and follow my own path



Day 129

Beautiful one,

I always love you,

Though clouds may come,

My beautiful one.

I love you the same

No what matter what’s said,

I love you again and again. 

Both inside and out,

I treasure you love,

I stay by your side,

Through darkness and light,

Your hand in mine,

Sweet beautiful one. 

I love you today,

Tomorrow as well,

I love you forever,

And not a day less,

Sweet beautiful child of mine. 


Day 128

You gave me my title

The blood pumping through your veins

Thrust it upon me

Now I’ll never be rid of it

Not that I’d want to be

It’s apart of me now

Just like you

I don’t remember the world before you 

And I hope to never know one without you


Day 127

If I wrote my life out

On scraps of paper

And bits of napkin

Would you keep those shreds

Or put them in the trash?

My thoughts selective 

In the days I choose to immortalize

Only so much room

To keep these memories

Only so much space to save them

Hanging in time

Tiny strings

Tied to tiny moments

Worth the effort 

But somehow less exciting 

In print

No one will be writing screen plays

Of my years gone by

But it’s alright

At least you’ve read them all

Lived them all

Wont you stay awhile

In minutes past

And seconds spent

In this world if memory